Writing Report Special NaNoWriMo Edition (Nov. 1, 2016)

National Novel Writing Month has kicked off and I’m already well underway to my first sequel (i.e., story #2)* of the female barbarian fantasy series I started a few months ago. You’ll notice from the photo below (taken at The Open Book store in Santa Clarita) that I’m using a collegiate notebook to write this one, not a tablet or an iPad or an iPhone.

I had a good experience writing the first installment of the story by hand; it slowed me down enough for this particular story to put a little extra thought into what I was doing.

There are other things I write where a computer is not only valuable but essential.

In any case, I may not be posting much new stuff (“new” as in “written this month”) on this blog for November.

I’ve got a lot of stuff loaded up and will periodically post updates, but the weekly reporting may drop off a bit.

See ya on the other side…


* Confusing, no? Wait till you see how they’re gonna muck up the numbering on the Alien sequels. And Sylvester Stallone’s 3rd outing as John Rambo shoulda been titled Rambo II: First Blood Part 3.

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