G.I. Joe: The Most Dangerous Man in the World
The Lost Classic G.I. Joe Episode

"The Most Dangerous Man In The World" was to have been Buzz Dixon's explanation of the origin of Cobra...until the addition of Serpentor and Cobra-la rendered this concept inoperative.  Now, 30 years later, he's presenting an alternate G.I. Joe timeline -- one in which "The Most Dangerous Man In The World" is on the loose and the Joes and Cobra race to get him first!

Hits & Misses

They needed a miracle -- what they got was twelve girls!  Marywood School for Girls will fall under the blades of a developer's bulldozers unless their hopeless team of rookie players wins the regional soft ball championship!  The odds?  Impossible.  The opponents?  Unbeatable.  The end?  Certain defeat -- but nobody told the girls!