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They needed a miracle -- what they got was twelve girls!  Marywood School for Girls will fall under the blades of a developer's bulldozers unless their hopeless team of rookie players wins the regional soft ball championship!  The odds?  Impossible.  The opponents?  Unbeatable.  The end?  Certain defeat -- but nobody told the girls!

By The Book: 11 Short Stories

An anthology with 11 short stories, all centered around book stores and the curious denizens one finds therein, including “The Kowloon Kupcake” by Buzz Dixon, a story of two desperate customers duking it out for the last copy of an obscure paperback in a used bookstore.

Send Help

Gathered here are 13 stories about robots and aliens and their often catastrophic and bizarre interactions with human kind including Buzz Dixon’s Apocalypse Velvet.


Constellary Tales Magazine

Issue No. 3, May 2019
Featuring “Roads That Ain’t” by Buzz Dixon and stories by JL George, Forrest Brazeal, and DJ Cockburn with cover art by Lois van Baarle