There Is A Great Wheel

call it destiny / fate / history / justice / karmait rolls forward in only one direction and though it may move slowly at times or appear to hesitate it never fully stops

the wheel has an inside and an outside inside the wheel are spokes and if you are clever enough quick enough you can climb around the inside on those spokes and avoid being crushed as the great wheel turns

the thing is you have to share the spokes with other people but that's all right there's plenty of room just realize we're all in the same great wheel and enjoy the ride

outside the wheel you don't see others you only see you and yours

some people have been crushed under the great wheel held down by its terrible weight and now as the wheel turns the terrible weight is lifted and they scramble to free others and get inside the safety of the wheel

there are others who as the wheel turned and raised the spoke they clung to decided to climb outside the wheel and ride it to the top to do this they had to ignore everyone else in the wheel and focus only on themselves

the great wheel turns

those riding on the top feel their formerly secure perch starting to shift beneath them they see the dizzying vertigo ahead of them see all the previous riders on the outside either fell off or disappeared and see that fate awaits them the savvy ones the quick ones scurry back inside and cling to the spokes with the rest of us the others cry "Hold! Enough!" and demand the wheel not merely stop. but roll back to the spot where they felt most comfortable

the wheel turns and these riders either wise up and get inside with the rest of us or they cling on the outside of the wheel and take their turn on the bottom

'twas ever thus

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