Writing Report December 21, 2016

A lot of writing, but very little on my 2nd female barbarian story. The first was rejected by the 2nd publisher I sent it to so expect to see it soon as a Kindle book(let). I’m planning on pricing it at 99-cents.

The second is still aimed at the third publisher, but I need to get back in gear on it. I’ve done no real work on it since last week other than a couple of notes to myself about what I should do.

I did write a short factoid (very short!) and rediscovered another one I’d written last month but forgot about (I tend to do that; once I’ve completed something or otherwise turned a corner, I put it down and walk away from it).

Both fall into an area I’ve been exploring more and more in my short fiction recently, the interaction of humans and AI, and the question of when and how AI will become truly sentient and self-aware and what the moral and ethical implications of that for both AIs and humans are.

When I get enough of those together, I’ll probably put out a themed anthology.

Until then, I’m opting not to send them out on the short-short / flash fiction circuit.

I don’t know what that market is looking for, but based on the reactions I’ve received on other work, this ain’t it…

mike-hinge-sci-fi-illoart by Mike Hinge

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