invisible ghosts

every city is inhabited by ghosts the older the city the more stable the population living and dead

but while all cities possess ghosts only stable old cities are possessed by ghosts

newer cities \ unstable cities \

are as ghost haunted as the old cities only their ghosts are invisible \

ghosts need the living in order to be seen \

they need the memories and tears of those still alive \

to bind them to the souls still trapped in corporeal form \

without those memories \ the ghosts \ fade from view \

out of mind \ out of sight \

so modern streets \ are choked \ with invisible spirits \ none of whom \ are known by a living soul \

in old cities \ ancient cities \ where family roots \ run deep \ and intertwine with history \ the ghosts always find \ a sympathetic mind \ to invoke them \ to evoke them \

but modern cities spring up overnight \

their living spaces filled with transients \

their families surging and splitting \ mating and divorcing \ blood relations vanishing \ in a heartbeat \

their ghosts reflect that \ (or rather, fail to reflect it) \

old bonds are dissolved \ old times are forgotten \ old names remain unspoken \ and without even \ ineffable invocations \ the ghosts cannot \ materialize \

so they haunt their old homes \ unknown and untethered \ forgotten phantasms \ doomed to limbo \

there are worse things than being alive \

skeletons on the march BW

text © Buzz Dixon


fictoid:  the last thing she said to him

fictoid: the last thing she said to him

Writing Report January 12, 2017

Writing Report January 12, 2017