I Iz A Mad Mul-Tye-Taskin’ Fool

As I pointed out in this post, there are no truly original ideas, but there are (unfortunately) many stories that are cobbled together like Frankenstein’s monster rather than grown organically. That post was about a Frankenstein that died on the operating table (or rather, never had the juice kickstart him).

This post is about a seed that grew and grew and grew…but more so, about how I grew it.

So I was talking to Soon-ok today and she said something that reminded me of a Famous Line in a Famous Movie.

And that prompted me to remember about four or six Famous Scenes in that Famous Movie, including one where a Very Bad Thing nearly happened.

And I thunks to mesef, Well, what would have happened if the Very Bad Thing did indeed happen?  Wouldn’t the person to whom the Very Bad Thing happened tell people?

No, not necessarily.  I could think of Particular Circumstances where the person would not want to tell anybody about the Very Bad Thing.

Ah, but what if those Particular Circumstances changed? Then the person would have no reason not to tell…

…but what if after telling the Particular Circumstances changed back?  And now the information is out there?  And the only way the people responsible for the Very Bad Thing can escape justice is to make sure the person they victimized can not testify about the Very Bad Thing.

And then I realized the leader of the people who did the Very Bad Thing would have to hold a certain position of power and authority over the victim’s life, which would only double the intensity of that person’s fear of speaking out in the first place, and more than triple the intensity of the need to deal with the people who did the Very Bad Thing before they did any more Bad Things.

And then the title popped into my head and it was ready to be written down.

Which I did.

As soon as I stopped talking with my wife.

Because all this thinking was occurring simultaneously while I was carrying on a conversation.

While driving.

Down the 5 Fwy.

At 65+ mph.

On An Emergency Run For Canadian Bacon This Morning...

SERENITY: "I Wanna Be A Zombie!"