Don’t Think I’m Letting You Scientific Smart-Alecs Off Easy

Don’t gloat over my dismantling of the false doctrine of Biblical literalism. Just because I’ve proven the literalists don’t have the actual, factual answer to the origin of life, the universe, and everything doesn’t mean you’re the winners by default.

Quite the contrary.

You have a number of very clever creation myths couched in the language of scientific hypothesis, but as to hard proof?  Sadly Lacking

You have the luxury of being able to move your criteria/goalposts whenever necessary.* How many times in the past have people claimed they had scientifically “proven” the origin of life and/or the universe, only for the proof to evaporate like frozen CO2 during a Martian spring?

It can not be proved that life originated on Earth, much less how it originated.  There is a hypothesis -- with ample evidence -- that life originated elsewhere.

If it did, then how can you prove it was not the result of intelligent design?  Or that this planet and/or the cosmos at large weren’t deliberately seeded?

It’s as valid an explanation as “inorganic chemicals jes’ kept mixin’ together until they formed complex enough molecule chains to be something we could by a wild stretch of the imagination call life.”

And don’t get me started on your creation myth:

Once upon a time -- well, there was no “time” because that didn’t exist yet -- there were these mono-dimensional membranes hanging in space -- well, there was no “space” because that didn’t exist yet either -- and somehow something caused these membranes to start moving -- although there wasn’t anything that could be considered a “prime mover” (and certainly not an intelligent one!) -- and these mono-dimensional membranes somehow banged into one another and when they did that made the super-strings begin vibrating and when they did energy and matter and the Universe as we know it were created.  The End.

The physicists are starting to realize something that theologians and philosophers could have told them ages ago:

At a certain point language juSt..b.R.e.A.k.S...d....O.....w......n.................

You’re not at war with theology or philosophy, you’re at war with ignorance.

Same as us.




*  Which is one credit we can & should give you:  You will, when confronted with proof to the contrary, change your opinion, albeit at times with great reluctance.

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