The Root Of All Evil Is You

There’s a cute little anagram in Christian circles:


  1. Jesus
  2. Others
  3. You[1]

It’s derived from Christ’s quotation of Rabbi Hillel’s summation of the Torah: “Love God, love your neighbor”.

The idea is that if you put God first, you will naturally want to do whatever He wants because it is your desire to please Him.

And what God wants most of all is for all His children to love one another as much as they love themselves.

So if you put God first, then the very next thing you do is love others and show them compassion and mercy and help them when they need help and ask them what they want before asking for anything for yourself.

‘Cuz if everybody is doing this -- thinking of others first -- then everyone’s needs will be fulfilled out of mutual generosity, there will be no scrambling for prestige, no squabbling over power, everybody can get along.

And if You come last -- but remember, this is a case of everybody putting themselves last and others ahead of themselves -- then there will be no problems, no want, no need, nothing but…JOY.

…what a wonderful world…

But we humans are selfish b/tards and we [m]uck it up.

We want to come first.

And when 7 billion + selfish b/tards are all fighting to be #1…

Well, then the world turns suckalicious.

It only works if it’s JOY.






You can’t put God first & yourself second; if you do, you are not really putting God first because God wants you to put others ahead of yourself and if you are putting your own self first then you’re clearly not loving God enough to do what he wants, capice?

You can’t love yourself more than you love God and others; that again is clearly a violation of God’s priorities.

You will invariably end up doing what you want, not what God wants, no matter how many people you hurt.[2]

And you can’t love others equally without eventually showing favoritism to some (unless, of course, you are loving God first and foremost, and by loving him showing love to all other humans without favor).

And favoritism sooner or later boils down to how it makes you[3] feel…

…and we’re back on selfish b/tard row again.




Everything else is a holocaust waiting to happen.




[1]  Feel free to substitute God, G-d, Allah, The Great Spirit, or whatever floats your spiritual boat for Jesus; the principal is the same

[2]  And ultimately, you end up hurting yourself worst of all, see Sheol & Hell & Dear OlRob Bell

[3]  And by "you" we are, of course, referring to that foul tempered, morally suspicious, snark-flingin', potty-mouthed, viscious vindictive rat b/tard Buzz Dixon

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