Look, we all know the country is facing some hard problems and tough decisions, and we have got to make the system work the way it was intended, through reason and compromise and old fashion horse-trading.

We can’t dig in on our respective positions and be intransigent.

There is no denying Donald Trump is mentally unfit for the job.

It is obvious to everyone.

But I can also understand why many people are extremely reluctant to agree to this undeniable fact:

They fear being shamed and ridiculed and denigrated for voting for and supporting and defending him.

So in the sense of achieving genuine progress, let us stipulate:

  1. That on November 8, 2016 Donald Trump was fully competent, fully cognizant, and fully in possession of his faculties.
  2. That on November 8, 2016 Donald Trump was fully capable of following through on all the proposals and promises he’d made on the campaign trail.
  3. And that tragically, after November 8, 2016 he began the sharp and precipitous mental decline that is painfully evident to everyone today.

You, dear Trump voter, did nothing wrong.

You acted on your best judgment, accurately assessing and weighing the information before you on November 8, and you voted in accordance with your conscience to put leadership in place that would improve the country.

You are to be commended for your patriotic participation in the duties and privileges of citizenship.

But now…sadly…we all have to acknowledge that the man you thought at that time of being capable of providing the leadership the country so vitally needs is -- through no fault of his or yours or anybody else -- obviously no longer capable of fulfilling even the simplest ceremonial functions of his office.

It’s a sad, sad duty to acknowledge that, but acknowledge it we must:  The once considerable acumen of Donald Trump is rapidly deteriorating, and for his own safety, his own dignity, and the best interests of the country, the time has come for him to either step down or be honorably removed.

You didn’t make a mistake!

You did what you truly thought best for the country.

You had no way of knowing his mind was going to deteriorate so rapidly.

But now…now that it’s obvious…now that it’s undeniable…now is the time to show mercy and compassion on an increasingly befuddled and frustrated elderly man.

Give him a dignified finale to his career…

…and then let’s start working together
to get the country back on track.


© Buzz Dixon




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