Italian haikus

Italian haikus

people watching haikus:

two Chinese tourists
eat gelato in the street
the crowd swirls around them

snapping at her phone
striding lady looks angry
hair and voice aflame

delicate Asian
her face, porcelain; her voice?
straight outta Brooklyn

she looks longingly
at the fragile figurines
she's too gauche to own

bantam Italian
glares at the big fat German
"this is MY country!"


observational haikus:

pause, snap a picture
first of baroque cathedral
then panini stand

centuries of art
define every Italian
we have Disneyland

the Alps get quiet
so quiet you fear you lost
even your heartbeat

“this is the king’s suite”
but your king was four feet tall
and never bathed

many complex wines
I need to know just one thing
how fast do they work?

here is to heroes
who must follow strict diets
lift a spoon for them

surrounded by vines
distant traffic from valley
a zen afternoon

banish the chaos
and they could be anything
but not Italy

proud?  of course they are
they paid for their history
with poets and popes



© Buzz Dixon

America is a guitar full of sand

America is a guitar full of sand

the choice

the choice