What I Did Today

Sometimes you get an idea for a story and you have absolutely no idea how it’s going to turn out until you start writing it. And then to your amazement stuff just starts falling into place, including the perfect capper that comes from what seemed like a wholly extraneous side point.

And you wonder:

Did I create that?  Did my subconscious put all those elements together and shape them into a coherent story?

Or has the story simply been waiting all this time for someone to find it and tell it?

Creativity can be a puzzling thing.


Gawd, I love ‘em, but you can only find ‘em online now.

This entry is about a story that came together over a single afternoon, written by hand on a collegiate notebook using a PaperMate Flair pen and transcribed / revised into my computer this evening.  It needs to sit for a few days / weeks and then we’ll see how well it stands up, and whether it goes straight up here or if I try to place it somewhere first.

I’ll keep you posted.

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