stairs to the stars

stairs maxresdefault these are the stairs [said my friend] where the fat one and the skinny one delivered the piano

stairs stars hats off

actually… it was the second time they delivered an incredibly cumbersome instrument of humiliation up those stairs the first time was in the silent era when they were selling washing machines door-to-door but when sound came they said “we must do it again and this time with a piano!”

stairs musicbox1-copy

and so they did and the glorious cacophony of clangs and bangs and bongs and clongs provided the soundtrack to their biggest and weirdest hit

stairs Abb-3-Laurel-und-Hardy-The-Music-Box-1932

the stairs remain running up the hill but where vast manicured lawns flanked them in the past cheap unimaginative apartment buildings lacking both vision and view hem them in today

stairs maxresdefault 2

my friend threaded his way through the narrow arcane alleys of a once fashionable Los Angeles neighborhood past Mandarin restaurants Mexican auto shops and failed hipster venues to the stairs to the stars where the fat one and the skinny one labored like Sisyphuses in shirtsleeves and overalls carting their ungainly cargo up the steep six story climb for all eternity

stairs stars 220px-The_Music_Box_steps_2009

what caught my eye, however was an impromptu memorial of flowers and votive candles sitting on the foot of the stairs not to honor the celluloid gods but to briefly note the vanishing flicker of flame that had once been a single human life

and unlike the gods of comedy who climbed to the heavens above the subject of this temporal memorial was already dead and forgotten his brief life extinguished in a moment of vain pride when he or someone else tried to prove their life mattered

that was years ago the memorial is long since gone the friends and family who erected it long since dispersed across the city the county the continent and even the immortal gods of comedy are fading from view leaving only the steps cracked and crumbling under the sullen California sun


text © Buzz Dixon

Writing Report September 5, 2016

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