I Do Not Like The Other Executioner [updated]

I Do Not Like The Other Executioner [updated]

I do not like the other executioner He has no appreciation for the niceties of our business

The condemned are entitled to know their offence

They are entitled to be informed of the imminence of their death

They are entitled to prepare themselves, to appeal to their god, to set their mind in order, to think on their families for one last time

When I execute someone

It is with all the solemnity due the situation

They await me in a small room, handcuffed to a chair

I enter from behind, but step around to face them

I speak to them, call them by name

I inform them of the court’s decision

I tell them their hour is at hand

I give them a few moments to compose themselves

I listen to their last words

And then I execute them

I do so with quiet dignity

These may be criminals

Enemies of the people

But they deserve their humanity

Even at the end

My so-called colleague, however

Steps into the room behind them unannounced

Gun already in in his hand

And before they can turn to see who has entered

Blows their brains out

I have complained to the warden about the mess he leaves

But the warden has chosen

Not to get involved

In our workplace disputes

I have criticized my colleague

About his brutal methods

He shrugged and said, “We want them dead. Nothing they say or do will change that. Why waste time? It’s not like they’re going to appreciate anything we do for them after we kill them. So why waste the effort?  Dead is dead.”

It is thinking like that

That makes this world

A less pleasant place to live



© Buzz Dixon

Writing Report August 21, 2016

Writing Report August 21, 2016

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