how do you see the kingdom of God? [updated]

how do you see the kingdom of God? [updated]

tell me, my friend do you see it as a night club or a park?

makes a difference

see, you have to earn your way into a night club

you have to look right / dress right / be one of the right people if you want the bouncer to let you slip past the velvet noose

and once you’re in

well, you’re so much more important than those who were turned away, right?

I mean, you look right / dress right / are one of the right people so of course you belong there of course others don’t and of course that means you’re better than them


on the other hand

if you see the kingdom of God as a park, well…

nothing special about that, is there?

I mean, any asshole can go to the park, right?

it belongs to everybody so how can it be special?

you can be a filthy half-naked bum without a penny to your name and have as much right to the park as the wealthiest billionaire in the finest clothes

(in fact most billionaires wouldn’t be caught dead in a public park it would ruin their clothes not to mention their status)

one last thing separates night club from park

you’ve been told about the night club

but you haven’t visited it

and nobody you know has visited it

and everybody who says they have

is a liar

the night club may exist the night club may not exist the night club may be fanciest most exclusive penthouse in the city or it could be a warehouse where they’re throwing a rave

you won’t know until you get there and find out if you’re on the guest list or not

but the park is right here


© Buzz Dixon

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