Fictoid: into the unrealm

tumblr_mbah0gbGSp1rc1vf0o1_1280 he entered into the unrealm the imagination the abstract one last time

ideas waiting for him there flitted away noiselessly leaving no mark on his soul [distractions lesser things for lesser minds]

he knew what he wanted

seen it years ago eons ago an eternity ago but had never gotten close [was that a good thing or a bad thing]

it hung out ...there... somewhere

waiting to be found waiting to be captured broken ridden brought back displayed for all to see

lesser ideas [mere thoughts notions whimsies] continued to haunt him taunt him tease him

[ignore them]

only time enough for this one last quest

this thing…or no thing

he broadened his search

what it was he couldn’t say [if he could say then he would have had it he would be the victor]

he would only know it when he saw it again

he had seen it dreamed it when he had been a young idea hunter hustler eager and hungry to make his mark

again and again he delved into the unreal dragging thoughts and concepts back screaming to reality

they paid him well those on the other side of the impenetrable wall the ones who could never land an idea for themselves the one who needed special hunters like him to go through and find and bring back something for the duller minds to exploit

he had impressed them bringing back one glib facile idea after another earning a reputation as the go-to guy for That Sort Of Thing

he didn’t mind he enjoyed it in fact

preening and strutting with the other thinkers and philosophers

casting a condescending sneer at the has-beens the forgotten thinkers

sitting in the corner drinking their bitter dregs

bemoaning the One That Got Away

he had been happy in his rep

and then one time while he was wrestling a concept into submission --

[not a full grown concept of course but a little one half formed somewhat energetic but not really mature enough to put up much of a fight (not that the ones who could never permeate the impenetrable wall would have ever been able to tell the difference)]

-- he caught -- [no, wrong word!  too decisive!  too precise!  too accurate!]

-- fe felt -- [no, again!  too strong!  too certain!]

-- he…sensed…somehow…The Idea

[its full and proper title of course would be The Big Idea With His Name On It and once he caught it and subdued it and brought it home as a trophy that would be what it would be called forever…but he had to catch it and subdue it first]

he was torn torn between finishing the job on the immature little idea or turning it loose and immediately pursuing The Big Idea…

…and he hesitated…

…and he was lost…

for while he hesitated the immature little idea broke away and escaped

and when he turned in the direction that he believed The Big Idea had gone…


he returned home empty handed and for the first time saw disappointment on the faces of those who had expected him to bring back an idea alive and kicking

he had nothing for them

oh he turned his pockets out and emptied them of any sorts of similes and metaphors but…

who cares for that stuff? that silly silly stuff

the people who paid him to catch ideas smiled and said well no harm done can’t win them all better luck next time…

but the next time was like that time... …and the next time after that... …and the next time after that…

and the next times came further and further apart

the ones who consumed the glib superficial ideas he returned with were not interested in supporting him as he pursued The Big Idea

they found other younger hungrier idea hunters to go find their glib and superficial concepts

he didn’t starve

he still brought back a trophy now and then

never as big and as bright and as pretty as the ones in his hey day but still

you should have seen the fight this one put up look at those interlocking themes have you ever seen a beauty like this

but it wasn’t as bright and as lively as the younger hungrier hunters’ ideas

and while he eked out a living…

…ideas came further and further apart…

…and The Big Idea continued to tease him taunt him

always lurking out there just beyond his ability to reach it

when he would go to socialize with the other thinkers and dreamers he found himself gradually being edged away from the main center of activity and discussion

and off to the fringes where the has-beens and broken dreamers stayed

he didn’t want that

he needed to be in the center

he had to bring The Big Idea in

time passed and he became old

his mind was no longer as nimble as it once was

and his body [well forget it] wrestling ideas is a young person’s game

still he persisted

he found it harder and harder to enter the realm of imagination

and his trips were shorter and shallower

this time he forced himself to go deeper deeper than he had ever dared before [and he had dared a lot in his hunt for The Big Idea]

no turning back

this time

he entered the unrealm and dove deep

shot past old ideas he had once flirted with surprised at their power and proclivity but ignoring them not letting them dissuade him

further and further inward

glib and facile notions faded disappeared

now the ideas he encountered were older more battle scared more ferocious he ignored them and continued his descent

now the ideas thinned out and there was nothing left but a murk and a fog

he lost his way

which direction was he going? up?  down?  in?

something…moved…in the distance

this time he felt it more than sensed it

excited invigorated he plunged after it

The Big Idea took off running dodging dashing staying just out of view just out of eye sight just out of heart felt

he couldn’t let it go he couldn’t retreat he couldn’t return

he followed it down down down deeper deeper deeper inward inward inward

until at last it stopped

and turned on him what do you want

What do I want?  What do I want?  What do you want?  You’re the one who stopped and let me catch you!

that is so

silence then he said: Show yourself.

The Big Idea revealed its true form

for all this time he regarded it as a great white whale

[not literally of course symbolically an allusion to one of the very best Big Ideas that had ever been brought back through the wall]

but now in its true form he saw it to be a spider gigantic effervescent shimmering neon black widow spider the size of mount everest the size of an asteroid bigger than his imagination higher than his ambitions deeper than his darkest fears

sitting there regarding him coolly with no small degree of amusement

well now little man…what is your plan…how do you plan to bringing me back

he started to speak …but couldn’t he gestured weakly impotently

The Big Idea rippled it took a moment for him to recognize it was the equivalent of a laugh

aren’t you the lucky one then…good thing you never caught me…never would have known what to do with me if you had

he realized it was too late to turn back too late to return to the safe cold confines of the real the concrete

Then why did you let me pursue you?  Why did you tease me and drag me on?

to see if you were worthy…had you been worthy [again a ripple] i would have come willingly

another impotent gesture on his part: What now?

now you come with me

oh do not feign surprise…you come from the realm of the concrete and the real into here…the unreal…did it never occur to you that we come from somewhere else…from some other realm that even you…you who have visited and hunted in this place…could not begin to fathom

Why do you come?

why do you think to return with a trophy


© by Buzz Dixon

"The Universal Prayer" by Alexander Pope

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