ERB Pwns A Teacher

In 1931, little Forry Ackerman wrote a letter to Edgar Rice Burroughs about something his teacher had said in class re the Tarzan novels.[1] Burroughs responded with the following:

I've always had a fondness in my heart for Burroughs the writer, but now it has flared into full fledged unabashed manlove.[2]

Anyhoo, read the originals at Letters Of Note website.[3]

(tip o'the editor's eyeshade to Richard Dean Starr for originally alerting us to this)



[1]  I gotta say I agree w/teacher on this point:  The earliest Tarzan books were the best, the latter ones became repetitive.  But then, in order for teacher to have known this, she woulda had to have read 'em, right...?

[2]  But a pure, chaste manlove...

[3]  Check out the 1898 Major League Baseball anti-cussin' memo, but caution: In-#%&@ing-credibly *N*S*F*W*!!!

"Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot...

Come For The Dinosaurs, Stay For The Nightmares (updated)

Come For The Dinosaurs, Stay For The Nightmares (updated)