a poem for eternity

what happens to rich people after they die is this:

they get every thing they ever wanted and more every thing but not everything

there are no

slaves servants sycophants stooges

in the afterlife

rich folks want something all they have to do is imagine it


it magically / quantumly appears want a forty-thousand room mansion with a full size bowling alley in each? think about it


it appears

you can get any thing and every thing you want

trouble is your neighbors get it, too

oh yeah this is one crowded afterlife all of your friends and most of your family are there waiting for you and everyone gets exactly the same thing all the time so nobody has one iota more or one iota less than anybody else everybody's equal everybody's the same no one to look down no one to smirk at no one to act smugly superior to no one to envy you admire you desire to be you everybody same-same all the time forever

JC Leyendecker - disdainful couple

looking down from heaven God shakes His head and says: satan sure is one sick sadistic bastard

art by J.C. Leyendecker

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