"It became necessary to destroy this blog in order to save it." [updated]

"It became necessary to destroy this blog in order to save it." [updated]

It's been a while [1] but we're back...finally.  I've been jonesin' like cRaZeE -- FaceBook is fun but it's no substitute for blogging... What happened was this:  Nefarious person/s found a way in thru the comments section, left us a nice little surprise.  Took us (i.e., our able crack tech team [2]) this long to chase it down.

Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of it was to purge the files.

Fortunately, this means I get to purge the files.  To whit, I can change/re-write/edit/pretend they don't exist earlier posts that could stand some updating. [3]

Specifically, I'm jettisoning most of the trivial stuff I had posted:  Goofy pictures, fun/interesting quotes, Context Is For The Weak are all emigrating to FaceBook.  [4]

Lengthier pieces on Christianity, religion, writing, art, comics, and what I like to refer to as "thinkage" will stay here, as well news of my upcoming work & appearances.

Comments?  Not here, not anymore.  You wanna contact me, bounce at e-mail to buzz-at-buzzdixon-dot-com or FaceBook me.  I'll put those I find especially helpful/insightful/funny in their own post.

Let the games begin...

© Buzz Dixon   

[1]  More than a month, in fact.

[2]  Hi, Bobby!

[3]  "Have I changed my opinion?  Perhaps I have learned something." -- Mahatma Gandhi

[4]  ...and eventually Google+


Breakthrough [re-post; updated]

Breakthrough [re-post; updated]