The 3 Stooges As A Metaphor For Humanity [re-post]

okay, this time we're going to get it right!the entry below is re-posted from my original imploded blog it is not an original idea but derived from an essay by the Rev. Ivan Stang which I saw in the book High Weirdness By Mail and was expanded on at greater length here thanx again to Kip Williams for setting us straight

All of humanity falls into one of three camps: Larries, Moes, or Curlies.

Moes want to be the leaders, but they're not very smart and they don't realize they're not very smart; their plans keep leading everybody to disaster.

Larries are the bulk of humanity, and for the most part they're content to believe the Moes and go along with whatever they want, even when it's obviously not in the Larries' best interest.  The best thing you can say about Larries is that when pressed by the Moes, they will work hard.  They support the Moes in attempting to suppress the Curlies.

Curlies are the crazies, the creatives, the saints who actually do all the creative and inventive work that keeps a society going.  They see through the Moes and realize how dumb the Moes' ideas are, but they aren't able to do anything about it since the Larries take the Moes' side.  The Moes know the Curlies see through them and are the genuine creative force in the world and hate them for this; they spend their time harassing and persecuting the Curlies.  Sometimes they succeed in killing off the Curlies or driving them away.  When they do, the Moes -- realizing they need Curlies -- will try to promote some Larries into the Curly class.

These are Shemps, but it's never the same...


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