David Gerrold On Defending A Position vs Taking A Stand

freas_1973_starmastersgambit_daw Imagine we're all standing on a giant chessboard. 

I can take a position. Row E, Column 4. (Not a strong position on any chessboard, but never mind.) I can say, "This square -- Row E, Column 4 -- this is my position. This is the best position on the board. This is the only position worth having. This is the right position and I will defend it to your death." That's defending a position -- a specific position. It keeps the defender, immobile, stuck, unable to move forward or back, unable to adapt or respond.

Now, let me try it another way. I can step onto any square on the board and declare. "I am a stand for winning. I stand for victory. I can stand here on this square and stand for winning, or I can take two steps to the right and stand on this square and stand for winning. I can stand on a white square and stand for winning, or I can stand on a black square and stand for victory. But wherever I am standing, I stand for winning." It doesn't matter where I'm standing, I still stand for the same goal.

Self-righteousness is about defending a position.

Making a difference is about taking a stand.

-- David Gerrold

art by Frank Kelly Freas

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