The Worst Kind Of Biblical Literalist... an atheist. Oh, not all atheists, I'll grant you that.

But far too many of them.

More so than any believer, they need a Bible filled with unambiguous 'twas-ever-thus rigid unalterable closed-to-interpretation strict literal readings of the text rather than anything that is open to Heart and Mind and Spirit and Love.

Only with a very narrow materialistic interpretation of the text can these atheists find comfort in their non-belief.

"See?  It makes no sense!  It contradicts itself!  It's inaccurate! It's not literally factual in all places!  See?  See?

"That means I don't have to worry whether any of it applies to me."

Literalism -- for believer and non -- is a coward's refuge.

To the believer it's a warm comfort one can snuggle in, thinking it protects one from the cold, cruel world.

(Which it does... a limited degree)

But for the believer, literalism can be a hindrance to spiritual growth.

It can keep one in one's spiritual warm toasty bed when one should be getting up and getting about our Father's business.

To the non-believer, it's kind of an anti-crucifix, only instead of Van Helsing wielding it against Dracula, the non-believer gets to wield it against God to hold Him at bay.

It enables them in good conscience to ignore things of the spirit.

I Know It When I See It

Peter Bergman [1939 - 2012]