Faith [re-post]

“Faith is believing what you know ain't so.” -- Mark Twain Twain was a marvelous humorist, but he’s off the mark (hoo-ha!) here.

Faith is believing what we expect to be so based on the experience and knowledge we have.

We have faith that other cars will stop for a red light at an intersection.  We base that faith on these facts:  The law requires drivers to stop; drivers typically stop based on law, custom, and courtesy; and it’s in their self-interest to stop.

If we didn’t believe other drivers would stop, we would never venture across an intersection unless the road was absolutely clear in all directions.

We have faith the food in the grocery store is safe to eat.  We have faith our doctor is going to do her best to cure us.  We have faith the airplane will arrive safely at its proper destination.

Imperfect humans being what they are, sometime our faith fails to protect us.

But the faith is not misplaced, nor is it based on an imaginary assumption.

For me, the same holds true with my Christian faith.


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