"The Drive-In Will Never Die..."

As most of you know, my first job in show biz was a lot attendant at a drive-in theater.  Today while putzing around doing research on the InterWebs, I stumbled across these gorgeous but heartbreaking[1] photos of an abandoned drive-in in Rhode Island[2] taken by Reana Rose.[3] I'm posting small versions of three of her shots here; you really need to visit her blog & see these & her other work in full.

sm abandoned drive in 05

sm abandoned drive in 03


sm abandoned drive in 04




[1]  Well, to me, at least...

[2]  H.P. Lovecraft's old stomping -- or should I say slithering? -- grounds.

[3]  A nom de shutter; you can find her on FB if you go to her old blog


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