The Gospel Of Sun Ra According To Harvey Pekar, R. Crumb And/Or Joe Sacco

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I’m a big fan of all things Sun RaSpace Is The Place

Nor should it be too much of a shock to learn I like Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor.*

So it was a delight to find my peanut butter & chocolate, as it were, mixed together not once, but twice.

Like all of Pekar’s work, it’s a true story, an act of personal journalism.

But it was interpreted first by Robert Crumb and then again by Joe Sacco.

As such, it’s interesting to compare the two.

Clearly the same story, the same event, the same personalities, but just as clearly, differences between the two versions.

This is kinda what I'm getting at when I urge people to re-read their Bibles carefully.

I believe more than ever that the Bible is True.

But I also know it has been filtered through human perspectives.

We have to take all that into account.

Acknowledging that truth in no way impedes the bigger Truth.




*  Read the comic, see the movie

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