Happy [belated] Birthday, Roy Doty!

When I was a lad, Roy Doty's cartoons and illustrations were everywhere.

No foolin'.

You couldn't open a publication without finding either a spot illo or a cartoon or a strip by him.

I want to focus in on one thing he made his specialty.

My father had a subscription to Popular Science when I was a lad.  Typically each issue would have a one page comics story by Doty called Wordless Workshop.

It was a deceptively simple strip that depicted a typical household problem, an ingenious solution, how to execute said solution, and a satisfied family at the end.

Sounds real simple, right?

Guess again.

Like Fred Astaire dancing, Doty was able to do something incredibly complex so effortlessly it felt like anybody could do it.

Seriously, have you tried constructing Ikea furniture? Don't give me that anybody-can-do-it crap.

Here are three examples of a true master at work.  Bravo, Mr. Doty, born Sep. 10, 1922, for doing so much wonderful work and making it look so easy.

Roy Doty WW 1

Roy Doty WW 2

Roy Doty WW 3


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