WonderCon 2013

I was only able to attend Saturday this year, but what I saw makes me look forward to future WonderCons in Anaheim (the show had previously been held in San Francisco).  It had the feel of San Diego Comic Con back in the 1990s (i.e., after it moved from the old convention center but just before it started becoming the media monster it is today).

Power Girl standing lonely vigil outside Anaheim Convention Center

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Ralph Miley at Christian Comic Arts Society table

Stan Sakai

Robert Luedke

Also got the chance to talk with Mark Evanier, Stan Sakai, Jim MacQuarrie, Flint Dille, Bob Luedke, Shaene Siders, Larry Marder, Eric Jansen, Leslie Ezeh, Rik Offenberger,  and many, many others.


The Children Vampire Hunting Brigade

Off model Tony the Tiger and Capt'n Crunch figures (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off model...)

Jurassic Park t-rex

Full scale mock-up of Tom Cruise's flyer in the upcoming film, Oblivion.


WonderCon had a magnificent cosplay contingent this year, though they were so swamped with photographers than many of them never made it past the lobby!  Below are only a fraction of the cosplayers I saw; I wish I had been fast enough w/my camera to have captured: -- The eight droid remote control R2D2 Electric Light parade (complete w/"Baroque Hoedown"!) -- the Monty Python / Spanish Inquisition cosplayer (he really shoulda been photobombing everyone else) -- the five year old Disney princess carrying a bundle of dynamite

Finally, let it be clearly understood I am a geek of major proportions: I identified one cosplayer not merely as a movie serial Batman, but which serial!

Rocky cosplay

Brave cosplay

Game console cosplay

Green Arrow cosplay (gotta luv da glove!)

Hit Girl cosplay

Very Credible Hulk cosplay

Joker Jr. cosplay

Ms Joker cosplay

Two-Face cosplay

The Riddler and another Two-Face cosplay

The Three Amigos cosplay

Steampunk light & dark cosplay

Darkwing Duck cosplay

40 Watt Club (from Tank Girl) cosplay

Silk Spectre & Doc Manhattan cosplay

1950s TV show Superman cosplay

Devil girl cosplay (check out the wing action!)

Characters I've Written For


Sarah Palin Baroness

Cobra Commander

me & Serpentor


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