...And Now A Word From James Cagney

"Plant your feet and tell the truth." .






So an interesting discussion sprang up on a Christian forum re one of my previous blog entries.  I contacted a couple of the commentators & asked if I might quote their comments & my responses in a future blog post.  I offered them the option of direct quote w / attribution, direct quote w / pseudonym, or anonymous paraphrase.

And they declined.

OK, fine; that's why I asked first.

But I am puzzled.

We're not talking about a particularly controversial subject.

I'm willing to give all sides a fair hearing even if I'm right.

I just thot that someone passionate enough about a topic to make a well reasoned argument would appreciate the chance to get that argument out in front of others so they could read & evaluate both sides of the equation.

I'm a little puzzled why Christians would develop an opinion on a topic of concern to other Christians and then hide it under a bushel.


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