Imagine If Jesus Were A Vegan…

Imagine if Jesus were a vegan...-- how many of us would be pounding down quarter-pounders with cheese while claiming to be a true follower? -- how many of us would be guzzling down gallon milk shakes while claiming to be faithful? -- sucking on sushi -- muching on meatballs -- tearing at T-bones

all the while saying “oh no not me I’m no hypocrite I am a good vegan unlike those other people who claim to follow him but are really only vegetarians. “I eat all the things that Jesus told me to eat.

“I eat that vegan shrimp “I drink that vegan milk “I cut that vegan cheese

“Yessir that’s me!  One hundred and one percent pure Jesus vegan!  Nothing false or untrue about me!

“Lemme prove it! “Gimme that all beef vegan hot dog! “Gimme a triple scoop vegan ice cream cone! “Pass those freshly laid vegan eggs!

“I’m a vegan just like Jesus.  In fact, I’m the only person who has ever really followed Jesus’ vegan teachings.  I’m the only true vegan there is!”

…and on that day Jesus will look at us and say “WTF are you?  GTFO.”

Time cover forget the church follow Jesus

"Black Sheep" by Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

Thinkage [update]

Thinkage [update]