I Luvz Me Some James Tissot

As classy French painters go, James Tissot was a solid second stringer.  A good eye for detail and a sure hand at technique, he supported himself painting charming pictures of French scenes for the bourgeois.  Had the obligatory scandalous artist life.  Turned to religion in his later years. James Tissot - Portrait-Of-The-Pilgrim-large

Like I said, nothing too special about him...until he started painting pictures of Jesus.  I'll leave it up to you to decide what happened, but the ol' boy went bonkers and began whipping out a series of water colors that -- while historically accurate and in the artistic style of the day -- would freak out the average Sunday school teacher.

James Tissot - jesus-ministered-to-by-angels-1894

James Tissot - The Grotto of the Agony

Satan Tried to Tempt Jesus James Tissot, 1895

James Tissot - jesus-goes-up-alone-onto-a-mountain-to-pray-1894James Tissot - simon-the-cyrenian-compelled-to-carry-the-cross-with-jesus-724x490James_Tissot - What_Our_Lord_Saw_from_the_Cross_Ce_que_voyait_Notre-Seigneur_sur_la_CroixJames Tissot - the-descent-from-the-cross-illustration-for-the-life-of-christJames Tissot - The ResurrectionThere's nothing incorrect with any of these paintings, but man, are they ever approaching the material from a wholly unexpected direction...

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