I Luvz Me Some Folk-Theology

I think of myself as a Christian (i.e., disciple of the person know today as Jesus Christ & a believer in His divinity).

I draw a distinction between His teachings and what we call theology.

And I really draw a distinction between theology and folk-theology.

Folk-theology is to actual theology what folk-medicine is to real medicine: Where there is anything actually valid about it, the chances are it wound up there by chance.

Actual theology, like actual medicine, is a systematic study & application of theory.

Folk-theology, like folk-medicine, is stuff everybody "knows" to be "true".

I bring this up because as a Christian I take the actual meaning of Christmas very seriously.

But I also enjoy having fun with the folk-theology portions.

So when you see posts like this, don't freak out.*




*  Well, actually I can't stop you from freaking out; ya gonna do what ya gonna do...

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