Dave Ramsey, Dead Horse Edition

animated BeatDeadHorseThis will be my last post on the subject. My problem is not that people notice a difference between the habits of successful people and the habits of less successful people, but in the specific manner, style, and tone of the list in question,  It did no good and contributes to the tolerance of harm and suspicion of poor persons that exists in the world today.  Criticizing poor people for not acting like wealthy people is like criticizing a person who's just awakened from a year long coma for not being able to run a marathon.

You want the coma survivor to run a marathon, you provide the time, tools, and resources for them to be able to compete.

This would've been bad enough coming from a secular source.  Coming from a Christian...

And Mr. Ramsey, kindly take note: It's possible to criticize constructively, as Joanna Schroeder and Angel Chernoff easily demonstrate.


"I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas..."

For Dave Ramsey, An Editing Lesson