Conversation #21,211

Why do you have mom's basement filled with action figures?  Are you a collector?  A dealer?

No.  I plan one of these days to turn them into dioramas from the Bible so I can witness to others.

Un-huh.  So when you make these dioramas, what are you going to do with them? Take them around to churches, schools?

No, they're going to be on display in the house.

Mom's kinda old and she's legally blind. I don't think she'd be comfortable with hordes of strangers traipsing in and out of her house.

Oh, it won't be here.  It'll be my house.

Un-huh.  You're living in mom's basement right now.

Yeah, but you see, God's going to get me a job as an NFL scout so I can afford to buy a house.


Then, in the off season, I can invite people to come to my house and they will because of my position as an NFL scout.  When they come into my house they'll see the dioramas and then I can witness to them about Jesus Christ.

Un-huh.  Why don't you just witness to them now without the dioramas?

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