Christian Comics Critique by...anonymous

Got a pvt msg from a fellow toiler in the fields of the Lord's funny books. For various reasons he thought anonymity is the way to go, but was gracious enough to let me share this with you.  Minor editing for clarity as well as protecting the innocent & confounding the guilty:

Happened to pop by [Christian comics link].[1] I liked your bit on blue ocean strategy.[2] It's a big world out there, and I think the biggest problem with "the scene" is myopia.  You are in direct competition with bigger, badder, BETTER stuff... and those cats bring their A game.
I think the term "Christian comics" should be retired.  Retired, shot and turned into glue.  It should be "Christians MAKING comics."  Preferably good ones.  The ink and paper can't get saved now, can it?
Eh, that whole [Christian comics] crowd pretty much hates me. lol (not completely true -- actually, we were next to [Christian comics creator] at [regional comic con] and had a good time.)
The sad truth is if I listened to *those* people we wouldn't be doing any of this.  And I listened... for years... to bad advice from well-intentioned -- but misguided -- people.
Praying doesn't make your stuff suck less.  God won't give you a free pass to make awful stuff in His name.  Instead, you should work all the *harder* to try and make *good* stuff that's not the laughingstock of boingboing and io9. (er... maybe that's just me.)
But yeah... not trying to be a naysaying ninny, but you look at the "Christian comics" people who are doing something... most aren't part of that scene.  They moved on to the next level, which is being a Christian in entertainment trying to make stuff that doesn't suck.  And letting that be a witness of sorts.
But i'm lukewarm according to some.
[1]  Fun stuff. I disjoined month ago, though, because I didn't want to be tempted to chime in. Unproductive waste of time and energy, IMHO. -- anonymous
[2]  The blue ocean / red ocean ref. is to this.  As I've explained elsewhere, "'Blue ocean' = 'hit 'em where they ain't' ('they' means the competition). In a nutshell, the blue ocean strategy says find a previously unknown market and (this is crucial!) an innovative product/service with a good price point. (A red ocean is one already crowded with competitors)."  That's oversimplifying things greatly but helps put anonymous' comments in context. -- BD

Tatsuya Ishida's Sinfest.  Not what most people think of when they think of Christian comics. ('Cuz it's like, y'know, good 'n' stuff...)

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