A Meditation On Matthew 6:24

Money seeks to protect itself Money bribes the weak to get what it wants

The love of money is a weakness

The love of money is the root of all evil

The love of money is based on fear:

fear of being without something fear of being victimized

This fear leads us to take from others to victimize others

There is more than enough for everybody

There is never enough for any single person

Enough is as good as a feast

Too much is never enough

Money is a meme

It exists only in the abstract

Gold, coins, bills, these are only markers they are not money itself

Money is no more a physical object than the Constitution is a printed document

Money is an intellectual virus

It is no more/no less real than any other belief

That does not mean it is a true belief only that it is a belief that it exists in the realm of the imagination

Belief in the power of money is a religious belief: It is based on the faith that it really exists, that it can wield power in a realm beyond the physical

You can not serve both God and Mammon

The difference is this: God will build you up

Mammon will consume you

God will always do what is best for you

Money will always do what is best for it

God can't do anything else

Money can't do anything else

It's just in their respective natures

To love God is to love one another

To love money is to love the self

But money doesn't care about you

Money cares only about itself

There is no safety, there is no salvation in money

No one lives forever, at least not in this world

Money wants you to believe this world is all that there is

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