Meet Leslie B. Shotwell a.k.a DJ Victor Malice

It takes too damn long for the sci-fi / comics / gamer / geek communities to recognize predators in their midst and do something about it. Dragon-Con has only recently cut themselves free of a sexual predator who had helped found that show.

Now word is out of a new problem, this one associated with Aki Con, a cosplay / anime con operating out of Seattle.

Aki Con has regularly employed the services of Leslie B. Shotwell a.k.a. "DJ Victor Malice."


Mr. Shotwell is a convicted sex offender.  He has served 4 years of a 6 year sentence for sexual conduct with a minor, attempt to commit a sexual act with a minor, and dangerous crimes against children.  He has been paroled and has been working since his release from prison.

People, even convicted sex offenders, have a right to rebuild their lives after they have paid their debt to society, but there are reasonable limits that should be placed on them to protect society at large.

Just as a person convicted of causing an accident while driving under the influence should not be employed as a commercial driver, neither should a person convicted of sexual crimes against children be put in a job that enables them to have access to young people.

Aki Con, despite being informed of Mr. Shotwell's record, has repeatedly hired him as a DJ for their costume raves.

Recently a young woman attending Aki Con awoke after the rave to find herself in Mr. Shotwell's room and in a dazed and confused state.  She contacted Aki Con's guest liaison who stayed with her until friends showed up.  The young woman then went to the police where she filed a report against Mr. Shotwell and had herself tested for drugs.

Flunitrazepam a.k.a. Rohypnol a.k.a. roofies a.k.a. the date rape drug was found in her system.

Now, it needs to be pointed out that Mr. Shotwell, despite refusing to register as a sex offender as required by law, has not been charged with any crime yet related to this incident at Aki Con.  And it needs to be pointed out that Mr. Shotwell is to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

But it also needs to be pointed out that business and organizations that deal with the public should not put that public at risk by employing people who are known predators against that public.

Be aware if this.  Be aware of Mr. Shotwell and of the staff of Aki Con.

Spread the word around the campfire.


Jolly Old St. Nick

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