Who Deserves What?

I have this basic philosophy, derived from the Golden Rule:

You can have as much as you like so long as you first make sure everybody else has enough.

What, exactly, is “enough’?

Clean air to breath.

Clean water to drink.

Healthy food to fill a belly.

Clothes and shoes to wear.

A warm bed and a dry roof.

Freedom from fear of harm to your person be it harm by criminal assault or harm by illness or harm by accident or neglect.

No, we can’t make everyone 100% safe 24/7/52 but we can take steps that curb violent crime and keep aggressor nations at bay and make it affordable for people to avoid serious illness and injury; and when those things occur, a system to provide help without driving anyone into destitution.

An educational system that makes it possible for people to understand the world around them and take adequate steps to care for themselves and have the freedom to plan their own lives instead of needing assistance.

See to it that everybody has those basic things and I don’t care how many yachts you own or how many private jets or how many mansions or cars or jewels or clothes or whatever.

Take all you like…after everyone else has their basic needs met.

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