When All Else Fails, Read The Instructions

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“Everybody wanna be [black] ‘til the cops come.” -- Paul Mooney

Dolezal’s silly ass shenanigans allow us to now examine the problem from several angles, all of them non-threatening.

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It’s clear that the genetic component and physical markings of race have no direct bearing on an individual’s life, but how the society values and reacts to those markings does.

To hammer the point home as hard as possible, America is one kind of place if you are white, an other if you are black, another if you are male, another if you are female, and so on and son on and so on and son on…

According to the instructional manual, that’s not the way this country was designed to be run.[1]

This is the point in the narrative where the deniers cite “political correctness” as if that’s a trump card that blocks all further action.


What is decried as political correctness is simply the golden rule being fairly enforced.

The best definition of political correctness is that people who once had to shut up and take the shit dished out to them are now recognizing their ability to call shenanigans on those dealing the shit.

This does not make the shit dealers happy.

To deflect self-analysis, the deniers seek to trivialize complaints.

If they can mock outrage at “cultural appropriation” they can negate the very real problem of the denial of any history, any culture but their own.

And with no story to challenge theirs, they can always be the heroes.

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[7/1]  And, yes, there are always exceptions; in a country of 318+ million there has to be some disabled lesbian African-American who has had a blessedly easy and successful life while some rich WASP preppy from a long line of rich WASP preppies got the shaft.  The exceptions do not disprove the rule.


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