Us vs Them (only who >is< "them"?)

Us vs Them (only who >is< "them"?)

I read history. I see the storm clouds gathering. Rational leaders never threaten…and sooner or later irrational ones act on their threats if their threats are what brought them to power.

In the best of all possible worlds we'll have four more years of bad economic policy and religion. People will suffer economically, medically, personally, but -- in the best of all possible worlds -- it will stay confined to this country and will end in four years.

In the worst of all possible worlds: Blood and chaos across the planet.

We are here today because of greed and fear.

The greed of the oligarchy -- from ancient Rome to the so-called nobility of Europe to Wall Street’s modern “masters of the universe” -- the rentiers who do nothing but manipulate markets to make money for themselves at the expense of others.

When they learn of new lands beyond the western ocean they claimed them sight unseen, then recruited brutes to colonize them, and those brutes drew out the lowest of the low in Europe and, when those could not extract cash fast enough from the “new” world, they purchased slaves by the millions.

To keep the slaves in line they told the poor whites that no matter what else, at least they were white and not black.

And because of that one group of poor people (white) were forever pitted against another (black) and not just black but red and brown and yellow.

All to make a few greedy bastards even richer.

And that fear of losing status, of not being on top but rather merely equal to the red and black and brown and yellow, made poor whites the slaves of rich bastards, always taking the oligarchy’s side against their own self-interests

That’s what this election was all about: Keeping “them” in their place and “us” on top.

I will not be part of that.

My heart lies with justice for all, not just those of my skin color.

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