The Future Lays Before Us...

Soon-ok will be retiring in just a little more than a year from now.  She's like a little kid waiting for her birthday party to roll around:  Time seems to drraaagggg ooooonnnnnn....... I told her not to worry about it, that before she knows it the year will flash by and she'll be enjoying her last day of work then enjoying her well deserved retirement.  The backyard patio is going to be transformed in 2013 (I'll post photos of her progress).

time will flash by / and before we know it  / the cruel years will be upon us / despite our best efforts / we will grow sick and frail / and then one of us will get sicker & frailer / and then one of us will be left / with a sorrow we can't begin to imagine now / oh, we have lost friends and family / beloved parents and grandparents / but that's nothing compared to the blows to come / oh God, we have faith now / help us have it then / keep us in Your hands as the cruel years devour us / and whichever of us goes first / comfort the survivor

This Cover Always Cracks Me Up

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