So Where Do We Go From Here (And Which Is The Way That's Clear)?

As stated previously, I have come to the conclusion that despite my growth in faith and insight re Christianity, I was failing to do what I was placed here to do and was given the temperament and the talent and the motivation to do. I am -- and have always been ever since as a kindergartener I told other kids about movies and TV shows I had seen (as often as not embellishing or enhancing them in the retelling) -- a story teller, a crafter of tales, a parablist, a fabulist, a fictioneer.

It is my life to process the world around me, draw what meager insights and conclusions as I can, and relay those to the rest of the world.

Some writers think of themselves as professional liars.

That may be true for some, but not me.[1]

My task, as I see it, is to tell the truth.

But not necessarily the facts.

This is why I can no longer in good conscience craft stories that fit in the narrow mold of "Christian fiction" as defined by the gatekeepers in the CBA.[2]

This most certainly is not to say I won't be writing stories informed from a Christian POV.

Quite the contrary, I think my writing is going to become even more Christian in the future…

…it’s just not going to fit a very narrow spectrum of Christianity that certain gatekeepers want to deem the only definition.[3]

In the next year I’m going to continue my examination of apologetics, I’m going to write on cultural and creative events, I’m going to share my POV with everyone who is interested.

What I won’t be doing is waiting cap in hand for some hidebound censor to tell me what is / is not appropriate for the market.

I write Buzz Dixon stories.

I’m the only source of Buzz Dixon stories in the entire universe.

Buzz Dixon stories reflect the insights and interests of me, yrs trly, Buzz Dixon.

And in no small part, what Buzz Dixon is is a person who is tired of being lied to, tired of being required to help support the lie, tired of jumping through hoops for the gratification of others.

It’s time for me to take my informed faith and start telling the truth.

Even if it has to be in the pages of fiction…




[1]  Perhaps they lie to themselves with that self-identification.

[2]  This is not at all a judgment against those who work in or create for the CBA market, or for those who devote their talents to fulfilling the goals of others in the field; there are specific jobs and specific tasks for everyone, and if a person is called to write tracts supporting a particular theological POV then by all means do it!  I'm just not that person...

[3]  Hold onto your hats, folks; we’re gonna piss some people off!

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