Putting Things In Perspective

There’s been a lot of hysteria recently about Daesh and the Syrian refugees and Muslims as a whole. Too many Americans are shaming themselves and their country by peeing in their pants at the thought of huge murderous hoards of evil radical Islamic terrorists creeping under their beds to hatch nefarious plans.

Let me ‘splain it to you.  To make sure everyone grasps the concept, we’re going to use money, since that seems to be the only things these hysterical residents of the US of A seem to understand.

There are, as of this posting, approximately one billion and six hundred million Muslims in the world.

That’s 1,600,000,000 people.

Let’s say every person equals one penny.

1,600,000,000 pennies = $16,000,000.00 or sixteen million dollars.

The combined forces of Daesh and Al Q’aeda and their various affiliates represent .003% of the total Islamic population.

For the mathematically less gifted among you, that’s not “three percent” but rather “three thousandths of one percent”.

That would be $48,000.

On the one hand you have sixteen million dollars

…and on the other you have $48,000.



And you’re afraid of that ?!?!?


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