My Predictions For 2014

...uh, flying cars...cure for cancer...robot proctologists...


Oh, and lots and lots of real ugly race based nonsense from some white people terrified of losing their privilege status.

Look, most of these people aren't racist insofar as they harbor hateful thoughts against minorities.  But as has been noted before, whether they knew it or not they were playing the America game at the easiest skill level.

Someone once observed that one of the key perks of white privilege was never being made to feel uncomfortable because of the color of your skin.  At the end of the day being white trumped the experiences, opinions, and feelings of non-whites.  The minority experience was always filtered / reinterpreted / altered / changed / watered down by white commentators and observers.

Non-whites were never entitled to their raw opinions, only the sanitized version that the ruling structure permitted.

Not any more.

A wide variety of factors are now giving the minority experience equal stature with the dominant white experience.

Whites are losing no rights, no freedoms.

Quite the contrary:  All that is happening is that those same rights and freedoms are finally being enjoyed by minorities as well.

America made a promise, and America is finally delivering.

No, what freaks out a lot of these white people is the realization their opinions and feelings no longer carry any special societal weight.

Oh, they're entitled to their opinions, but they've got to work for their ideas now.  A white person's opinion now has to stand on its own strengths and weaknesses, not simply bulldoze over minority opinions because it came from a member of the dominant group.

That loss of automatic cultural deference is sending an icy chill down the spines of many people who see their last little advantageous edge eroding away.  Most of the ugliness we hear comes from people who consciously or subconsciously are terrified that their chickens are finally coming home to roost.

They (i.e., those who are alarmed by this, not all whites in general) are already lashing out at anybody and everybody unwilling to support the old dominant cultural paradigm.

Some of these people are scalawags who exploit racial tensions, some are people who enjoy a real advantage over the rest of us and fear losing that, others are people who are really weak and powerless but want to hide that fact from themselves.

Their words and deeds to date have already been ugly and contemptible (though often they seem incapable of recognizing this and on a subconscious level are unaware of the filth they are spewing), but I fear it growing a lot worse and a lot uglier before it finally burns out, which I’m guessing will happen somewhere between 2020 and 2030.

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