…In With The New

I have spent the last decade, but in particular the last two years of my life in a deeper, more reflective study of the Bible and the nature & meaning of God and Christ. I am, more strongly than ever, a Christian, a believer in the divinity of Jesus, and a follower (albeit a woefully inadequate one!) in His footsteps.

But I have also turned a corner in my spiritual development, and now it’s becoming increasingly  more apparent to me (if not necessarily “clearer”) that much of my faith, much of my life was stuck in spiritual adolescence.

I was more than a child, but not yet an adult.

Now I feel that adolescence falling behind me, like a booster falling off a rocket.

I am starting to pull loose from the boundaries that held me back -- boundaries of my own culture, bias, and limited understanding -- and move out into the great and wonderful Creation God has set before us.

For those of you -- friends and family, strangers  and loved ones -- may your path be smooth and straight in 2012.


Out With The Old…