Now, Without (Hopefully) Further Interruption...

...the re-posting of previous posts. The week long gap in re-posts is a result primarily of the 4th of July weekend, but also partially due to my personal quirks as a writer.

I liken it to building up a head of steam:  From the time I get behind a keyboard, it usually takes me several hours to get geared up to write/do creative/editorial work.  To a lot of people [1] it seems like I'm loafing:  Crusing the InterWebs, reading books, listening to music, etc.

Truth is, I'm stokin' the creative coals, basically inputting the raw material that's gonna get turned around/churned around/chewed up & spat out in my writing.

Typically it takes me to early/mid-afternoon to get a full heada steam.

But once I'm primed, well, then time seems to vanish for me.  I can & have written non-stop for hours & hours, all through the night & into the dawn.  The best actual writing time is often from 10pm to 1 or 2am.

But the build up needs to be as uninterrupted as possible.

Now, as the house spouse, I have responsibilities around the home:  Shopping, cooking, what laughingly passes for cleaning [2].

It breaks the flow of the build up.  Add to that other little chores that pop up intermittently [3] and the "steam" dies down.

So typically, just as I'm starting to reach critical creative mass in mid-afternoon, I find myself shutting down the creative process to tend to important & necessary daily tasks.

I don't really get a chance to re-stoke the coals until 7 or 8pm.

As a result, I find myself occasionally falling behind schedule.

I'd like to post a lot more often on this blog, pieces that carry a little more thot & weight than most of the stuff I'd put up previously.

But -- as noted -- that takes time for the creative juices to do their work.

So, hopefully, today the "housekeeping" chores for BuzzDixon-dot-com will be done & new posts will follow shortly.

I crave your indulgence.




[1]  Hi, honey!

[2]  Hi again, honey!

[3]  Smashing big concrete water fountains w/a 10lb sledge hammer, f'r instance...


Thinkage [re-post]

Thinkage [re-post]