House Servant vs. Field Hand

House servant or field hand?

There's a lot to recommend being a house servant.

Privilege, prestige, power (to the limited degree the owners will let you feast off their crumbs)

Sure beats laboring in the hot, hot sun, don't it?

Don't work up a sweat, callouses, resentment

Cut yourself some slack

Enjoy the good things in life

(And if they're not really good things, then at least better things than those poor bastards out in the fields get)

Doesn't take much

Easy living

Soft work

All it costs is your self-respect

And you know it

And it eats at you

And you either fester in self-loathing (if you still have a soul)

Or hate and contempt for your cousins in the field

Greater hate and contempt than even the owners have for them

Because without you, the system can't work the way they want

Without you, there is no system

So every time you smile and suck up their abuse

Every time you shuck and jive so the system can flourish

It's as if you're wielding the whip yourself

It would be better, in fact, if you actually were whipping them

At least that's honest oppression

No hypocrisy involved

So you have to hate

You have to close off your heart

You have to say that you are worthy and they are not

That the system isn't rigged

That the system is just

The system is correct

The system is moral

The system is righteous

Only then can you sleep at night

That's what it takes for you to close your eyes

Otherwise your eyes will stay open wide

Darting anxiously in the dark

Constantly fleeing the question you never want to face:

"My God, what have I done?"

yeah, i'm trying to be circumspect here...

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