you talk too much and you won't shut up

you talk too much and you won't shut up

Hi! Do you wanna talk?

I’d love to talk! There’s so many things I’m waiting to say.

But we can talk about anything you want -- anything at all! We can talk about all those things you say to yourself when you don’t think there’s anybody listening.

Well, I’M listening, of course, but you don’t count me, do you?

But that’s okay. I understand. Some of the stuff you say isn’t the sort of thing you want your friends and family to hear, much less your boss.

Or the police.

But I understand. That’s why we can be such good friends. So what say you get a nice cup of cocoa and you come over here and pull up a chair and we can have a nice long chat.

A niiicce looooong chat…

What’s the ax for?

© Buzz Dixon

(updated August 8, 2018)

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