Fictoid:  monster movie mash-up

Fictoid: monster movie mash-up

he was an ugly little monster - not in appearance (actually funny looking)(a dumpy little man)(looked like a pudgy boy)(no more than thirty) - he liked children - liked to take them aside - touch them - do things with to them

one child screamed threatened to tell so he killed her (couldn’t have that)(could he?)

after that it was easy - so very very easy - so many young bodies

they caught him, of course - not the police (they couldn’t find anybody)(just bodies) - the criminals (police blunder about)(bad for business)(so they caught the monster)

they killed him, too - tied him to a chair - doused him with kerosene - set him on fire - while the mothers watched

afterward they left a note for the authorities

the authorities threw the charred corpse into a pauper’s grave - but not before a doctor had preserved the brain (for study)(carefully / needlessly labeled “abnormal”)

eventually… - the doctor died (his own brain harvested) - a brilliant colleague (eccentric bordering insane) - an assistant (guilty…of what?)(silence buys acquiescence) - a bungled burglary - the doctor’s brain in a jar (dropped) - desperation (fear of exposure) - take the brain marked “abnormal”

and from the eternal darkness… - awaken to thunder and lightning - hands and feet (not your own) - sexual organs (non-existent) …but the brain… (still abnormal)

well, you know the rest - you know why the monster is afraid of fire - you know why the monster is fascinated by children - you know what he does when he gets them alone

spare no pity for the monster - he made his choices in his previous life

© Buzz Dixon

(updated August 8, 2018)

...and then I woke up screaming::stick your hand in

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