Writing Report February 9, 2019

Writing Report February 9, 2019

Six weeks in, six stories…


Story #1 has finally been polished and is starting to make its rounds.

Story #2 is still awaiting its turn to be fleshed out (I have the opening, the ending, and a rough idea of what has to go in the middle; just gotta find time).

Story #3 has already gone out once, received the rude boot, and is on its way to the next publication.

Story #4 is blocked out, awaiting its turn to be fleshed out.

Story #5 is blocked out, awaiting its turn to be fleshed out.

Story #6 (new since the last writing report) is finished and submitted.

We’ve begun a major home renovation project, and while I’m doing the smart thing and staying out of my wife and the contractor’s way, I’m not able to use my office computer during the day due to dust, noise, and frequent trilingual cursing.

Luckily I enjoy writing by hand in notebooks, so I’m going to try to get #4 finished this weekend and hopefully a jump on #5.

I know some of you are wondering why I start on new stories before having earlier ones completed and the truth is sometimes the work needs to be carefully crafted and sometimes it just comes blazing out and to be frank the blazers seem to find homes faster than the crafted ones.

(Which is why, if you think I’m going to describe any of these stories or give their titles before they actually sell, yer nutz; I’m not going to poison the editorial well by reveal which are a problem child.)


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little pink piggies

little pink piggies

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