The Coming Impeachment Trial Of Donald Trump

The Coming Impeachment Trial Of Donald Trump

I used to think it was an iffy proposition, but now I realize if the Democrats take the House, it will happen.

They can’t not let it happen.

And I know several of you are sputtering “But-but-but it’s all pointless!  The GOP Senate won’t vote to impeach!”

Yeah, but at this point, they don’t have to.

See, the Democrats aren’t going to impeach Donnie on day one of the new congress.

Oh, no.

There’s gonna be days / weeks / months! of investigations and discovery and revelations by the Democrats.

Payback for Benghazi is gonna be a bear.

And they, the Democrats, are gonna be slamming the GOP position with sledge hammers during all of this.

The smarter / wiser / better Republicans have already jumped ship to establish their bona fides.

They’re going to sit back and watch the Democrats pulverize the teabaggers and Trump chumps who remain in the GOP base before launching into a very lengthy show trial involving Donnie hizzownsef.

Afterwards, the old guard GOP will start a new party (because the GOP will be forever tainted with the pig shit stench of Donnie’s racism and corruption) and they will gain a lot of traction, drawing in moderate-to-leaning-conservative Democrats and conservative minorities who now avoid Donnie like the plague.

(And good, we need principled opposition in order to keep everybody on both sides focused on doing what’s best for the nation as a whole.)

2019 will be consumed with investigations; the first part of 2020 will be dedicated to the granddaddy of all show trials.

The Democrats will charge Donnie with everything they can think of simply because they can.

Donnie’s fast wearing out his welcome with the American people -- the real Americans, the true Americans who believe in liberty and justice for all, not the thinly disguised white supremacy of the Trump chumps.

And by early 2020, they will just want that mofo gone!

So there will be no blow back against the Democrats regardless of what they turn up…

…and lordie, doncha think there’s gonna be some juicy revelations when Donnie’s tax forms finally go public?

Not to mention everything else?

(Hey, they might even drag out the old child rape charges; maybe they can’t make ‘em stick but they can sure make Donnie get up there and publicly deny ‘em, and we all know how believable Donnie sounds when he claims to speak the truth.)

(And, yeah, so what if Bill Clinton was at the same parties; feel free to go after him when this is all done.  The Clintons are finito in American politics; we’ve got some new superstars about to emerge.)

So you see, they don’t have to actually remove him from office.  All they’ve got to do is cripple what’s left of the GOP by association.

And it’s impossible to defend Donnie without getting smeared with the same pig shit he’s drenched in.

At some point the GOP senate will have to decide if they’re going to try to defend Donnie -- knowing full well there are whole cemeteries in his vast walk-in closets that they know nothing about, cemeteries that his buddies at the National Enquirer have already handed over the keys to the FBI -- or it they’ll pull a Captain Renault and be shocked -- “Shocked, I say!” -- at what the Democrats drag into the cleansing sunlight and agree, yes, Donnie has to go.

Makes no difference what they do, really.

Damned if they do…

…damned if they don’t.

No path to victory as a party, not anymore.

They laid down with pigs…

…and now the stench will remain an indelible part of them.

We call that justice.


© Buzz Dixon





fictoid:  Baby Jousting!

fictoid: Baby Jousting!