Were You This Outraged When…

Were You This Outraged When…

…the Central Park Five were wrongly accused?

…Trayvon Martin was chased down and killed by an armed thug?

…Jonathan Ferrell was gunned down while seeking help after an auto accident?

…Eric Garner was choked to death for selling cigarettes?

…John Crawford was gunned down in a Wal-Mart as he tried to explain he was holding a toy?

…Tamir Rice was killed in under ten seconds?

…Walter Scott was shot in the back?

…Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones called 911 for help and in return were shot by the responding officers?

…Gregory Gunn was beaten, tasered, and shot five times for the heinous crime of walking in his own neighborhood?

…Alton Sterling was pinned down and then shot to death?

…Philando Castile, after informing police he was licensed to carry a firearm, was shot while complying with officers’ orders?

…Terence Crutcher was shot for being “a big, bad dude” with car trouble?

…Jordan Edwards was murdered for the crime of being in a car driving away from an area where they had heard a shooting?

…Stephon Clark was gunned down, shot in the back six times, after being cornered in his grandmother’s backyard?

…DeJuan Guillory was pinned down and shot in the back?

…Daniel Shaver while crying and begging the police not to shoot him because he was unarmed and obeying their orders and crawling on his belly as they told him to nonetheless got shot by an officer armed with an assault rifle?

…Botham Shem Jean was killed in his own home by a police officer who entered without cause?

Are you pissed off because some privileged upper class white guy has to face an accusation made in public?

Guess who’s really guilty here, and of what.

No, we haven’t judged you.

You pled guilty.


© Buzz Dixon



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